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Unraveled Realities
Let's unravel together shall we?
Go earlier! 
I can't believe how much amazingly fun stuff is happening around here.

First - I sold a script. I optioned the rights to a film company for 365 days. If they haven't made the film or begun production in that one year term, the rights revert back to me. WOO HOO!

Second - I got to interview AUDREY NIFFENEGGER! Know who that is? The author of The Time Traveler's Wife! :) It was great! You guys should check it out. It's at www.fictionaddict.com. And GUESS WHAT? SHE'S A WHOVIAN!!!! YES! She writes about Doctor Who in her new book "Her Fearful Symmetry" - and we talked all about it in the interview! Got to check it out.

So is anyone still out there? What are you guys up to?!
8th-Sep-2009 01:12 pm - Podcasting right now...
You Don't Have to Understand HERE
What are you guys doing?

20th-Aug-2009 11:47 am - ACK!!
Calvin - Fast and Slow
Where's it all gone? Summer? Time?

My BABY starts school on Monday. Honestly. I can't believe it - and he'll be gone all day too. I would have honestly thought about keeping him home for one more year, but he looked at me the other day and said "When I grow up Mom, I'll marry you. But for now, let me go to school."

Pooey. I know it will be nice to have quiet and be able to actually shower/run errands/take a nap alone but I still am not ready for that.

I found out last week I have pneumonia. Not fun. Been coughing up a lung - nearly literally. I'm trying to catch up with life. Honestly I am!

And that's the biggest news here.

Watching Eureka and just got the first DVD for Leverage in the mail. Heard good things about that.

What about you guys? All quiet on the western front?
10th-Aug-2009 11:07 am - Checking in
What in the gosh darn heck?
Wow - this has been the most busy and annoying Summer I've got on record yet...

Hubby's surgery really sucked the life out of Summer. He's still having problems and has actually been referred to a pain management clinic because the pain's continuing so long. It means deep tissue massage and injections at the site of the pain. (Dude - hernia. Who wants that THERE?)

On Saturday I celebrated my son's fifth birthday. We had a Star Wars Mickey Mouse birthday. (Yes, Mickey was a Jedi and Goofy was Darth Vader.) We got a soccer ball pinata and painted it grey like the Death Star and we got a Mickey Mouse cake and put Star Wars figures all over it with Mickey & Co.

The kids had lightsabers that they took home with them. (Cut pool noodles in half and wrapped one end in black duct tape.) Everyone had a good time. Hubby and one of the other fathers put on Monsters Vs Aliens masks and came breaking in to Jedi Training Academy with silly string to 'attack' the younglings - which made for a lot of fun for everyone.

This coming weekend I'm putting together a surprise bday party for hubby. He's never had a big party for himself (even when a kid) and he's NEVER had a surprise party, so this should be fun - and hopefully encouraging after the Summer he's had!

And that's about it. For television viewing, EUREKA IS BACK and I'm loving it more than ever. Also Psych! Very happy to have those shows back - and getting a HUGE kick out of Better Off Ted. And hey - James Purefoy. Philanthropist. Check it out.

Working working working other than that.

How about you guys?
13th-Jun-2009 05:54 pm - Surgery....
Calvin - Fast and Slow
Hubby had surgery this week. It was supposed to be a simple hernia repair - and instead ended up being far more than that. The doctor said when she got in, she realized he had no pelvic floor whatsoever left on that side. It would explain the fact that he's been in massive pain for the past five weeks and no one's believed him.

Anyway - military system so mistakes out the wazoo (including a wonderful visit from a resident who did a procedure on my hubby without his permission and possibly made the hernia worse...) but thankfully we're through! Now we can just spend the next six weeks with him recovering!

So that's why I've been absent - anyone else out there in Flistyland???
15th-May-2009 07:30 pm - Where'd May go?
I need to rule it
I'm sure it was April yesterday. Anyone else experience a loss of May? Perhaps we need a Tardis?
26th-Apr-2009 08:20 pm - Got a new phone...
I need to rule it
Samsung Omnia. So far, loving it- but it's still smarter than I am. Planning to remedy that. Looking for fun applications and hacks to add...

Anyone heard of this or have one?!

Oh and sitting down to watch that Easter special too...
15th-Apr-2009 06:05 am - Wednesday ramblings...
So yesterday I got caught up on a bunch of things at work. I have a new client (Dane Rauschenberg - anyone ever hear of him? He's famous in certain circles) and I'm getting him set up with website, press kits, etc...trying to work some sponsorships for him too.

I also finished my outline for the next DGL script and am now working on that pitch for the television show. At this point, everything's hanging on me...everyone's waiting for me to finish this pitch and get it 'just right' - so we'll see what happens there.

Let's see....TELEVISION.

I caught up on Southland today - anyone watching that? I watched initially cause Tommy (C. Thomas Howell) is in it, but I don't know if I would have otherwise....we'll have to see. It's pretty dramatic and I don't usually invest a lot in watching kids in danger, etc. It's the Mom thing in me I guess.

I have been watching Castle with Nathan but really not liking it. At this point he's saved that program from being just utter stoopid. I'm not a fan and don't know if I will keep up with it - even with him. Really bored. Too bad - Nathan's better than that. But then again, every time he's not working there's a chance of getting him on something I'm working on...double edged sword there.

Lost is the BOMB this year. Whereas it felt like BSG stuttered when they found out they had an end date (was not a fan of S3 period) Lost seems to have grown legs and come back to the intrigue and the cool factor. I love some of the stories and where they're taking things. It's awesome. Really liking it.

I like Kings too. Been enjoying that one a lot - hope NBC keeps up with it, but the move to Saturday nights doesn't seem hopeful.

And I heard they're going to air the final Pushing Daisies eps this Summer. At least we get that.

I watched the Twilight movie too. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be from the comments about how cheesy it was. I mean yes some of the stunts were cheesy and some of the dialogue WAY stilted but with the source material that's cheesy as heck - what were you expecting? They did a decent job of making a pre-teeny film with what they had. Robert Pattinson's a decent Edward and Kristen Stewart's a good Bella. (But dude - I'm old - I HATE Pattinson's hair in his interviews. Girls may be squeeing and freaking over his awesomeness - but the interviews I've seen I just want to take scissors to his hair. I totally sound like a Mom now don't I?)

Hm....what about you guys? What are you watching/enjoying/reading these days?
13th-Apr-2009 02:42 pm - My family is so cracked.
I haven't talked to or heard from my father in almost 15 years. Same with my step-sisters and anyone to do with that side of the family. Once he remarried, we spent about a year or two visiting each other every other weekend, etc...and then when I went to college all fizzled. He didn't get in touch, I didn't keep in touch - and it was FINE that way.

So a couple of weeks ago, I found my step-sister on Facebook. Haven't talked to her in 15+ years and we've talked like once or twice on Facebook.

Today my status read something about Monday and Happy Happy Joy Joy.

My step-sister comes in ON MY WALL and says:

"You do know that your dad is dying, right? I just didn't want you to go on not knowing- and having regrets later.
He's not been the greatest I know but, he is your dad still- so just for you to know. TTUL."

LIKE SERIOUSLY?!!!! YOU POST THAT PUBLICLY? How am I supposed to feel about that? No idea.

Dude - you know when I MET her it was like two weeks after my Dad left and she walks up to me at a Football game (she was a cheerleader for the opposing team by the way) and announces to me "Hey - your dad is marrying my mom so I'm your new sister."

Same sort of WHAT THE HECK vibe there. Glad to see things haven't changed in 20 years.
13th-Apr-2009 09:20 am - REALLY?
Meant to do that
Was it really February when I last updated? Whoa. I mean months have FLOWN by. March was busy - Spring Break and then we had a friend pass away from cancer. She's in a far better place now though - I just pray for her family.

March went away pretty fast - and April's looking to do the same.

Friday Night Lights got renewed (woo hoo!) so that means hope for two of my clients and their future. Working on a television pitch with a couple of different people and another possible movie project starring (ready for it?) Ben Browder. Yup.

And I'm working with some of the cast members from "Chuck" on a few things and I'm hoping that show gets renewed.

Season 12 of Down Gilead Lane is currently being written. Working on how we're going to wrap that.

And that's about it right now!

What's up with everyone else?!

Oh - and no - haven't watched the new Doctor Who yet. No time! But will update when I do!
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